CTLE In-School Hours

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We are happy to provide New York State educators seeking CTLE hours the opportunity to earn while you learn with us! We offer CTLE hours during our in-school literacy consulting and through online literacy professional learning opportunities. We are permitted to provide CTLE hours both during the school day and at other times.

During each in-school visit, educators could accrue between 1-4 CTLE hours, depending on the official schedule. Across a year of multiple visits, that could lead to 1-30 CTLE hours or more.

In order to earn In-School CTLE hours, your New York State school or district must have an active contract with us. For more information, please visit our CTLE Hours page.

By Registering for “NYS In-School CTLE Hours” you agree to the following:

I, the registrant, have read and agree to the policies, requirements, terms and conditions outlined in the document “NYS CTLE HOURS ACCRUAL IN-SCHOOL LITERACY CONSULTING REQUIREMENTS FOR EDUCATORS” available at TheEducatorCollaborative.com/ctle. I understand that failure to comply will not accrue CTLE hours and The Educator Collaborative has final decision regarding all CTLE hours. I permit The Educator Collaborative to create an online account using the above listed information from which I may access my CTLE transcripts. I understand it is my responsibility to regularly access and download and/or print my transcript for my own records. I agree to defend and hold harmless The Educator Collaborative, LLC, and all of its officers, employees, members, and assigns for any and all claims or damages that may arise as a result of my seeking CTLE hours through the organization.

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