Session 2 – Grammar and Conventions that Stick

Special Guest Jeff Anderson, author of professional books on conventions and the teaching of writing such as Mechanically Inclined, joins Chantal Francois, TheEdCollab member and author of Catching Up On Conventionsfor this session on digging into grammar and conventions practices that pay off. In writing workshops students learn to write with heart and yet sometimes conventions do not grow as quickly as their word count. This session will help you with practical, meaningful strategies that help all writers express themselves clearly and see thoughtful conventions as craft.

Standards-aligned: CCSS W1-5, W10, L 1-3; Danielson: 1, 2a-b, 3, 4d-e

Each session is linked to professional and learning standards. As every district is different, crosswalk these between your own standards for alignment or contact us with questions.

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