Session 4 – Guided Reading Works When You Tailor The Teaching

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Responsive Guided Reading

Special guest, Enid Martinez, an expert in early childhood and multilingual learners, leads this session on refining your Guided Reading Instruction. More than just a set of routines, Guided Reading can be an effective and efficient way to move readers forward in their decoding and comprehension of texts. While many schools use the term "Guided Reading," it can mean many things to many different people, and not every form is as effective. Moreover, even in the most "precise" Guided Reading routines can miss their full value if data-driven decisions are not being made. In this session, Enid will help lead educators to making Guided Reading the most effective because she will show you how to tailor your teaching to your students. Learn how to study student reading behaviors, including formal and informal formative assessments, to increase your effectiveness in supporting group instruction for developing readers. Enid is a recognized expert in these areas with previous experience working for and studying with Fountas and Pinnell and the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. She currently consults internationally on early childhood literacy instruction and multilingual instruction. This session will help you and your colleagues make informed decisions about this critical practice.

Standards-aligned: CCSS R1-10; Danielson: 1, 2a-b, 3, 4a, d-e; Teaching Tolerance: Identity, Diversity

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