Study Series 2016-2017


The Study Series is a year of interactive web sessions, led by inspiring experts on practical topics for K-12 Literacy, English Language Arts, English and Balanced Literacy educators.

Standards-aligned to support your professional goals and raise student achievement.

Sessions are live and then recorded and available on-demand. Even if you missed a topic you can come back and view it anytime through June 30!

Register for one seat, then share your screen with your entire team!

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Each Session is on a Wednesday, it will open on the Monday of that week to Subscribers

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1 - #YearOfJoy: Little Practices to Bring Big Energy and Joy to Your Learning Community - Christopher Lehman and JoEllen McCarthy


2 - Get Readers Really Reading - Donalyn Miller and Chad Everett


3 - Pairing Literacy and Technology to Open The Curriculum to More Diverse Perspectives - Dana Stachowiak and Katharine Hale


4 - Writing With Voice Is Not a Unicorn - Christopher Lehman and Rozlyn Linder


5 - Differentiating for All of Your Readers: Text, Talk, and Tech - Heather Rocco and Brian Sweeney


6 - DIY Literacy: Creating and Using Teaching Tools to Help Students (Happily) Work to Their Fullest - Kate Roberts and Maggie Beattie Roberts


7 - Dare to Confer Imperfectly: Simple Moves to Keep Your Practice Thriving - Lisa Eikholdt and Kari Yates


8 - From Consumers to Creators: Empower Students to Not Just Have Tech, But Actively Shape Their World - Sara Kajder and Antero Garcia


9 - Making Assessments More Meaningful: Rubrics, Roundtables, and Real Reflection - Chantal Francois and Elizabeth Lacy


10 - Digital Citizenship: Teach Students to Stay Safe, Advocate, and Take Action Online - Kristin Ziemke and Pernille Ripp


11 - Finishing Strong and Independent: Support Children to Carry On With Their Literacy and Learning Through End-of-the-Year Inquiries and Projects - Kathy Collins and Kristi Mraz


12 - Ending The Year With Joy - Georgia Heard