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  • What are these online professional learning sessions like?

You can view a Comparison chart of all online offerings here.

Study Series

The Study Series is a series of 12, interactive web sessions (you could call them “webinars,” though they are more interactive and engaging than “webinars” you may be used to).

Each are one hour.

All sessions take place on a Wednesday at either 11AM EST or 6PM EST. View the Full Schedule for dates, times, topics, and inspiring presenters.

You may register for single sessions or for the full year. Discounts available.

Sharing Sessions with Colleagues in the Same School

  • There are 2 ways to share:
    1. Share Your Screen (free and included): Every registration includes a “group-viewing license” which entitles the user to “share your screen with your team,” meaning, you may share one screen with a group of colleagues from within your same school. The screen could be watching around your laptop or connecting your laptop to a projector. An unlimited number of employees of the same school may view live or on-demand. Learn more here.
    2. Additional Virtual Seats (additional fee per seat): Sometimes, having additional virtual seats may be preferred. For instance, a PLN watching a live session at home and then talking about it the next day, or viewing over a break. A registered member of any session may purchase digital coupons at a greatly reduced rate that can be shared with employees of the same school and allow them to register for the same session(s).

Single Session members:

  •  Join an online, interactive web sessions led by the hosts
  •  View the session recordings on-demand through June 30 of that school year
  • Receive a Group Viewing license to “Share Your Screen with Your Team,” any member of your school building may view the live session or recordings with you (you can even watch in groups!)
  • Learn rigorous, standards aligned, practices to raise teacher practice and student achievement

Full Year Series members:

  •  Have access to ALL Sessions and recordings at the greatest discount!

How Live sessions work:

Live sessions are approximately one hour and include access to Related Resources curated by the session presenters.

During the session, members are invited to interact with presenters and each other via a live chat room.

Members can access log-in credentials for each session from our Study Hall, these are made available two days prior to the live session. In addition, members are emailed log-in credentials on the day of each session. Log-in with a laptop or desktop for best viewing. You may connect your device to a projector or screen to allow colleagues to view with you.

You will need headphones or speakers and a keyboard. You will not need a microphone or camera.

How On-Demand sessions work:

After each Live session, an on-demand recording is posted to our Study Hall within 5-14 days.

Recordings are available until June 30th of the current school year and may be re-watched an unlimited number of times during the school year.

The recording includes everything presented by the hosts as well as a recording of the chat. You are permitted to share your screen with colleagues at the same school during this time.

Virtual Think Tanks

Virtual Think Tank cohort membership is the most personalized and rigorous method of studying with The Educator Collaborative. It gives one educator intensive study, plus a year of Study Series sessions to share with colleagues.

A Virtual Think Tank cohort meets across the year in 3 ways:

  • (One member) One educator joins the cohort and meets 5 times, one hour each, in a small, online and on-camera and intensive cohort. These feel like small group huddles of educators from around the world, led by inspiring leaders. See the cohort listing for topics, dates, times, and leaders.
  • (Same member) The cohort member joins a yearlong Voxer interactive chat with members of the cohort, including its leader(s). The cohort member is trained on using the Voxer smartphone app (and web application) and then benefits from an ongoing, on-call, community all year.
  • (Share with colleagues) The cohort member receives a complimentary Study Series subscription and is invited to “share your screen” with colleagues from your same school for all 12 sessions (see the tab above for more information).

Virtual Think Tank members:

  • Receive a complimentary Full Year Study Series subscription to “share your screen” with colleauges
  • Meet in an online and on-camera web conference
  • Connect in a Voxer group between sessions to keep problem solving and sharing
  • Collaborate with colleagues from around the world
  • Develop rigorous, standards aligned, practices to raise teacher practice and student achievement
  • Receive a Digital Badge and Certificate of Completion

How Virtual Think Tank sessions work:

Members are emailed log-in credentials on the day of each session. Log-in on a laptop or desktop with web-camera and microphone enabled. Virtual Think Tank sessions are NOT recorded on purpose, this is to replicate the feeling of a live course: encouraging an open and free dialogue, attendance at all sessions, and privacy for thinking together.

How Study Series sessions work:

Please click the tab above for specifics on accessing the live and then on-demand recordings which are including with a Virtual Think Tank subscription.

Mini-Think Tanks

Our Mini-Think Tanks are specialized topics, set in 4-week intensives, that change with the seasons. We recommend you join our mailing list or check back on this website regularly for updates.

Mini-Think Tanks meet for four, 1-hour sessions, across 4 consecutive weeks.

Mini-Think Tank members:

  • Meet in an online and on-camera web conference
  • Collaborate with colleagues from around the world both during and between sessions
  • Develop rigorous, standards aligned, practices to raise teacher practice and student achievement
  • Receive a Digital Badge and Certificate of Completion

How Mini-Think Tank sessions work:

Members are emailed log-in credentials on the day of each session. Log-in on a laptop or desktop with web-camera and microphone enabled. Mini-Think Tank sessions are usually recorded, it will be noted on the session description if they will not be.

  • How do I troubleshoot viewing a Study Series session (Live or On Demand)?

Viewing Study Series

Please visit this page for information:


  • How do I receive a Professional Learning Certificate?

Professional Learning Certificates

Registered Study Series members can receive a Professional Learning Certificate after each session which notes completed clock hours. For information on how please visit:

How to View Sessions

Please note: due to reporting and records requirements for clock hours, we are unable to provide certificates for anyone who is not directly registered in a session. If you are sharing your screen with your team, we recommend speaking to your district leaders about acceptable forms of evidence for anyone not currently registered with The Educator Collaborative. For example, some districts provide sign-in sheets maintained by literacy coaches or principals.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

Methods of Payment

There are two main ways to pay, these may change depending on where you are located and what you are interested in purchasing.

  • We accept Credit Card payments on all purchases
  • We accept Purchase Orders from U.S. based accredited schools and organizations, on most purchases.
  • We do not accept Purchase Orders for Gift Certificates.
  • Please note, we have the right to limit or deny the use of Purchase Orders for school or organizations for any reason, including but not limited to delinquent accounts.
  • We generally do not accept phone orders or paper orders. If you should require assistance, please contact us.

  • I am registering other people, how do I do that?

Registering One or More Others

No sweat, it’s easy!

  • One other: At checkout you will be invited to add the name and email address of the person you are registering for. We will then process their information in 1-3 business days and transfer the purchase to their information.
  • Several others: If you are registering more than one person, at check out you can use the “Additional Information” field to explain how you would like your order processed and who to register.

Have a lot of others to register? And even easier option is to purchase a Gift Certificate. Gift Certificates allow you to select a specific PD offering (like a Single Sessions or a Virtual Think Tank seat) and send the certificate to a specific person and email. They can then choose their options themselves and apply your Gift Certificate only to that product category.

See the Gift Certificate FAQ below for more details


  • Which professional learning opportunity would you recommend for me or my district?

Compare The Professional Learning Offerings

You can view a Comparison chart here.

I'm Looking for Intensive Learning Within a Topic
I'm Looking for a Variety of Inspiring Topics
  • The Study Series is our flagship offering: 12 virtual sessions by leading voices in education
  • Special Offer: Virtual Think Tanks cohort members receive a complimentary Full Year Study Series subscription
I'm Looking for Sessions I Can Share with Colleagues
  • The Study Series is our flagship offering: 12 virtual sessions by leading voices in education, which you can now share your screen with colleagues (live or on-demand)
  • We also offer Customized Online Learning sessions for your school or organization. Visit this page to request support.
Can My School Request Support Tailored to Our Goals?

Yes! The Educator Collaborative not only provides innovative online learning opportunities, we also offer online and on-site tailored support!

  • We offer Customized Online Learning sessions for your school or organization. Visit this page to request support.
  • We also provide onsite consulting and speaking engagements. Get to know our network members here or Contact Us with your onsite request.
  • I have a question about Gift Certificates (how do I send, how do I use, doesn’t seem to be working…)


Gift Certificates can only be purchased with a credit card. If you are planning to use a Purchase Order for some items, please make separate transactions without Gift Certificates in your cart.

They have set expiration periods or dates. The longest a Gift Certificate is available is one calendar year, however please see each products’ page for specifics as some, like “Give The Gift of a Virtual Think Tank,” have a set expiration date to encourage registration for a yearlong cohort before too many sessions have passed.

There are no refunds, exchanges, or balance returns on Gift Certificate purchases. If you have an extreme case please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we are happy to discuss options.

Offering-Specific Gift Certificates, like “Give the Gift of a Virtual Think Tank,” are set to the general price of that product and are for one time use only and for the intended product only. This is to ensure the recipient purchases what you, the sender, intended.

  • Important Note: In the event a discount code was applied before purchase, no balance return is available against these particular certificates. This is because in the event a code was applied, the related savings, in all cases, would be less than the cost of a second, similar, product. Therefore, the balance could never be applied.
  • Alternatively, If you wish to allow a Gift Certificate to retain a balance, then instead purchase a “Give The Gift of Learning” Gift Certificate which allows you to name your own price and can be applied multiple times for up to one year or until the full balance has been applied, whichever comes first.

Gift Certificates cannot be used to purchase other Gift Certificates.

Available Gift Certificates

We have two types of Gift Certificates available:

  • Offering-Specific (like “Give the Gift of a Virtual Think Tank”): These are tied to a specific offering so you can ensure what the recipient will use the Certificate for. For example, you could purchase a Virtual Think Tank seat for a colleague, then allow them to choose the one they would like to attend. These are valid for one use, for the specified product, and have a set expiration date. Note: other discount codes applied during checkout will not provide a refund or retained balance on these particular Gift Certificates. If you would like a balance to be retained until exhausted or expired, please purchase a “Choose Your Gift” style, described below.
  • “Choose Your Gift” (listed as “Give The Gift of Learning”): These are open-ended Gift Certificates with a price that you select. They can be applied to a full order (some exclusions apply). They are valid for one year or when all funds have been exhausted, whichever comes first.
Sending Gift Certificates

Sending is easy!

  • Go to the Gift Certificates page in our shop.
  • Select which Certificate you would like to send.
    • If you are using “Gift The Gift of Learning” (“choose your own amount”): Enter the amount
      Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 3.41.21 PM
      It looks like this on the “Give The Gift of Learning” page. The other Certificates have set products with set amounts.
  • Select the number of that type of Certificate and “Add to Cart”
Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 3.41.43 PM
Add the amount you’d like. Entering “3” in this example would give you 3 Certificates of $75 each to send to colleagues!
  • At Check-out, note if you’d like to send the Certificate to yourself or to someone(s). You get to even add a special note!
    • In this image we are sending the 3 $75 Certificates to three different people by selecting: “Gift coupons to someone else” > “send to different people.”
    • IMPORTANT: In most cases, the email address you enter is the email address the recipient MUST use during check-out. This is to protect your order.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 3.45.21 PM

  • Your recipient will then receive an email with your message and a unique Gift Certificate!
Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 6.22.29 PM
The email will also include your name and email address. You will receive notification that the Certificate was sent.


Trouble Using Gift Certificates?

Gift Certificates are often assigned to a particular email address and sometimes to a particular product.


  • Are you logged in with the same email address? Register/Log-in Here
    • Once you are logged in, you will see all coupons available to you during check-out
store credit image circle
In this example, the Gift Certificate can only be used for a Virtual Think Tank subscription
  • Note: the item needs to be in your cart BEFORE you click one a Certificate in an email
  • What are your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, or Refund Policies?

Terms and Conditions

The important, but wordy, blah blah legal ya ya can be found on our Terms and Conditions page. We update this from time to time. You should always review it before making any purchase. When you purchase you agree to be bound by them.

Privacy Policy

You can find that here. We take your privacy seriously and want you to know what we do and do not collect and how we use that information. We do not add you to mailing lists without your consent and you always have the option to unsubscribe.

Refunds and Returns Policy

You can find that here. Please be sure to read this carefully before every purchase as different items have different, but important, time limits that affect the availability and amount of refunds. This is to help ensure that offerings are properly funded and that no one who missed their chance for a seat was ultimately denied one. Thank you for your understanding.


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