Tips for Viewing Sessions and Sharing With Your Team

Pro-Tip: Test your set-up at least 24 hours in advance (every time... because. technology.)

All Study Series sessions are available live and on-demand, if something goes wrong with your technology set-up during a live session don't worry, you will have until June 30th to come back and view recorded sessions!

1. Use a laptop or desktop.

WebEx does have Apps for devices, if you are on the run. However, many features do not yet work properly, including video. We recommend you watch on a laptop or desktop.

You DO NOT need a microphone, it will not be used. You will need a keyboard to use during the session, speakers, video.

2. Test your network and computer.

Our Study Series is run using WebEx. Follow this link (you can type anything you’d like into the fields) to make sure your computer and network will properly stream the sessions:

Special Notes:

As outlined in our Study Series Terms and Conditions agreed to at registration, no one outside of The Educator Collaborative, LLC, is permitted to charge for viewing the live or recorded sessions including, but not limited to, no fees, donations, or other charges.

Group Viewing is limited to only those who are employed within the same school (or in the case of non-school entities, within the same department of an organization). This expressly does not include a full district or a full, multi-department, organization. Waivers to this stipulation must be expressly granted by The Educator Collaborative in writing. 

Failure to comply with these and related stipulations may result in termination of subscription without refund or legal proceedings. The Study Series sessions are offered with a Group Viewing License in good faith to support you and your team’s learning together.

Sometimes you may need to upgrade your computer's software to a more current operating system. Here is WebEx's provided list of operating systems: here   It is worth upgrading your system, not just for our event, but because more current operating systems often have improved security features.

3. Decide how you will share your screen and test it

For website security and to protect your investment, each user may only log-in from ONE device/location. Multiple log-ins will be closed. From your one device, decide how you will share your screen from your one device: huddle around? over a SMART Board or other projected device? on a screen?

Run the WebEx test over this set-up to be sure that it will work: :

4. Who will be "the voice" of your group in the Session?

A great part of our Study Series is interacting in the WebEx chat box. Choose someone to sit at your device to type in responses from your group. If you are joining as a group, feel free to log-in with your group's name, like: "South School 5th Grade Teachers."

5. Invite colleagues to bring Twitter (if your network will play nice)

twitter_logo_blue_smallBecause there are several large groups attending, we want to hear from many of you in real time. Invite your colleagues to use Twitter with the hashtag #TheEdCollab during the session to talk with presenters and other educators across schools.

6. For Live Sessions, log in 15 minutes before to audio check

We will start doing onscreen sound and video checks during this time.

7. Check out "Related Resources"

For every session you are registered, you will also have access to a Related Resources section with links and other goodies from the session. Feel free to use those links in your ongoing conversations after the session.

8. Documenting Clock Hours?

Registered members are eligible to receive a Professional Learning Certificate from The Educator Collaborative! Here is how (click). However, due to many districts' requirements for maintaining records, we are only able to verify the time spent learning for those registered and logged in. Before group viewing, contact your district leaders about options for recording your colleagues' learning. Some districts, for example, provide sign-in sheets to use internally.