Gift Certificate

Suggested Amount: $49.00

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Gift Certificates can be purchased in any amount and allow holders to apply your dollar amount to their order.

For reference:

  • 1 Study Series Session = $49
  • 3 Study Series Sessions = $117 (discounted to $39 each)
  • Full Year Study Series = $348 (12 sessions discounted to $29 each)

Please note: Gift Certificates are non-refundable. Treat them like cash.



You may send Gift Certificates to yourself to print and share or send directly to recipients inbox.


This Gift Certificate will not be tied to specific email addresses, to allow you easier use. Treat them like cash.

This Gift Certificate may only be applied to products sold on, including online courses and sessions.

This Gift Certificate retains value for 365 days, after which, any unused value is forfeited.

This Gift Certificate is nonrefundable.