Pay What You Are Able

During this challenging time, we have decided all new registrations to our Study Series season will be "Pay What You Are Able," providing more access to learning from our amazing educator family.
You have just one option: the Full Year Season, giving you access to all of our 30 Minute How-Tos and bonus curated sessions.

Your investment, of any size, in our Study Series™ is not only appreciated, it can help us keep running The Educator Collaborative during this uncertain time. Your investment helps keep our vibrant teaching and learning community going, including our free to the public learning opportunities: Our bi-annual #TheEdCollabGathering online conference day, our Global Kind Project, and our Associates program. All are offered free to the public but take behind-the-scenes funds to maintain.

What should I pay?

Whatever you are able.


This year's suggested rate is $200. Just around $10 per session.


This helps pay presenter fees, administrative fees (including web-hosting), and helps keep our organization running.

Something Else?

Any amount will support our work and our mission. $5? $20? $100?

Any support will help sustain TheEdCollab. We appreciate you paying what you can.


Unable to pay?  We welcome you to register and learn from our community.

Just type $0 into the box and complete registration.

Study Series 30 Minute How-Tos

Full Year Series – Pay What You Are Able

Access to all 30-minute How-To Sessions and bonus curated sessions. Sessions are available for immediate viewing.

During the pandemic, we invite individual educators to Pay What You Are Able for access to the inspiration and practical support of our presenters. Your support helps to sustain our work.

Group Registrations: We ask that schools and organizations, when possible, fund registrations at our suggested rate. For complex or group registrations, please contact us via this “Study Series Registration Request” form.

Individual registrations: please enter your Pay What You Are Able price below and continue to check-out.

Suggested price: $200.00


Benefits for Registered Members

All sessions are designed for K-12 educators, coaches, and administrators supporting reading and writing development in their school.

Register to Access

  • All sessions on-demand, for repeated viewing
  • 30-minute, expert led, power-packed sessions
  • Related Resources curated by presenters
  • Rigorous, standards aligned, practices to raise student achievement