Session 11 – Passion Projects: Support Students in Bringing Their Passion to a Purpose through Literacy

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Passion-Driven Independent Literacy Projects

Kristin Ziemke, author of Amplify: Digital Teaching and Learning, and Amira Abdel-Aal, Fellow of TheEdCollab and expert in social justice oriented literacy education, lead this session on supporting students' passions and helping them use all of their literacy learning to explore their identities, their world, and to make an impact. All students, regardless of their age, see ways they wish to enhance their understanding of the world around them. From challenging questions such "how do we end gun violence in schools?," to personal explorations of civil rights icons, to exploring architecture through reading and using building-blocks; there are so many topics students wish to explore. Drawing on student examples and research-driven literacy practices, learn how to introduce, manage, and support student passion projects at the end of the year—or anytime! One of the greatest assessments of learning is watching a student apply what you've taught. Projects led by students put multiple literacies to use in authentic, engaging, and skill-building ways. When students see their literacy work as not just "school work," but as a meaningful way to impact their communities and their world, these skills become more meaningful, engaging, and important. This session will inspire you... your students' passion projects will inspire you even more!

Standards-aligned: CCSS W1-10, R1-10; Danielson: 1, 2a-b, 3, 4a, d-e; ISTE 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7; Teaching Tolerance: Identity, Diversity, Justice, Action

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