Session 7 – Established Tech Tools, New Techniques: Rethinking Student Projects with Fresh Eyes (and Energy!)


Go Farther with Tech Tools

Julia Torres, a TheEdCollab Book Ambassador and a teacher librarian in Denver Public Schools, and Troy Hicks, TheEdCollab Fellow a digital learning expert and co/author of a number of books including From Texting to Teaching, will share both tech tools and strategic literacy practices that can help students create meaningful projects. Though curricular standards and professional organizations implore us to teach students how to produce and publish writing with technology, we all face the daily challenge of choosing appropriate tools—and tasks—to engage students in deep learning with digital devices. Far too often, students are given a topic, begin with a web search and, sadly, complete their work with a copy/paste. No more! With fresh perspectives on tested tools like Adobe Spark, Google Forms, and Flipgrid Julia and Troy will offer viewers news ways to use old favorites, even tackling the issue of, yes, using Wikipedia! From their initial inquiries to their final infographics, social media posts, and videos, students can — and should — use the tech resources at their fingertips; Julia and Troy will share some strategies for doing just that.

Standards-aligned: CCSS R1-10, W1-10; Danielson: 1, 2a-b, 3, 4a, d-e; ISTE 1, 2, 3, 6, 7; Teaching Tolerance: Identity, Diversity, Justice, Action

Each session is linked to professional and learning standards. As every district is different, crosswalk these between your own standards for alignment or contact us with questions.

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