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We definitely want to support you in getting to your live session. Also, remember that all of our Study Series are recorded and then available to subscribers through June 30. 🙌


Is this your first visit to Study Hall? Or are you having trouble accessing your session?  Here are some tips:

Opening a Session’s Page

You need to be logged in to access to Sessions you are registered for. If you are not sure if you are, just click through to the session you’d like to view and you will be prompted.

Live Session information opens approximately 36 hours before the event. You will see “Available on:…” until that time. This is not an error.

Accessing your Account


  • You will need to log-in to your account. There are multiple ways to do this, including, if you attempt to log-in to a session you will be prompted to log-in.

The email address you used to for registration is likely the same for your account and the same from which you are receiving emails.

If you believe we have the wrong email address on file, or cannot locate your email address, please write to us at Contact@TheEducatorCollaborative.com.


You can log-in in many places across the website.

From the drop-down menu on the main menu bar:

From two locations on the Study Hall page (click here to open in a new window):

Forgot Password?

  • Simply attempt to log-in in any of the ways described above. If the password is incorrect, a prompt will appear that you can click to set a new password. This prompt is not always shown in order to protect your account. It will appear after you attempt to log-in.

Viewing Your Registered Sessions

  • You can view all of your registered sessions (include which ones you have completed and which certificates you have earned) on this page (click here). You will need to log-in to view.

Live Session Access:

LIVE Log-in information: Log-in information for your LIVE session is available on the Session page in our Study Hall: Click here.

For a How-To Video for accessing sessions: Click here.

For tips on sharing your screen with your team: Click here.

Ensure your school does not block access: Be sure your school does not block “WebEx” and that you have an up-to-date operating system. We recommend viewing on a laptop or desktop, not a handheld device.

  • Please go to this page for tips on testing your equipment and set-up for sharing a Live Session.
  • Contact WebEx Technical Support (they are great): If you have technical difficulties DURING a live session and cannot reach us or we are unable to help, please call WebEx customer support at: 1-866-229-3239 (or click here for other local region numbers)

Contact Us: Email us at “Contact@TheEducatorCollaborative.com” Note: Just before and after the start of a Session we are typically all-hands-on-deck supporting the presenters, we will get to email requests as soon as possible. From within the Live Session, select “Host” from within the chat box to chat with us directly.


On-Demand Recording Access:

The On-Demand Recording will be made available within 5-14 days after a live session and will be posted, you can access the Session from the Study Hall. An email will be sent to you when it is ready for viewing.

For a How-To Video for accessing sessions: Click here.


Contact Us if you have further questions

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