View Study Series

Short version: Go back to the Study Series page and click on any session to open it. Scroll down on any opened session page for a menu of VIEW, RESOURCES, CERTIFICATE and click the action you’d like. You must be signed in to view.

Longer version with images. Click the arrow below to open.

Click here to open steps with images

1. Be sure you are signed in (there is a drop down menu under My Account).

2. Return to the Study Series page by either clicking the big logo on the homepage or using the drop down menu.

3. As noted on the top of the Study Series page, you can click on any session to open it (you must be signed in). You can use the menu to jump to different topics.

4. Click on the session you would like to watch. Let’s say Towanda’s on planning a Hybrid Schedule.

5. From the open session, scroll down a bit on the page to see options: VIEW, RESOURCES, CERTIFICATE. Click the one you’d like. Your screen will change just a bit, showing both the content you selected and a smaller navigation menu. Enjoy!

Bulk Registration/Registering Others

Group Registrations: We ask that schools and organizations, when possible, fund registrations at our suggested rate. For complex or group registrations, please contact us via this “Study Series Registration Request” form and someone will reach out to help you complete your bulk order.

Paying With Purchase Order

On the checkout page you will have the option to pay by credit card of pay via purchase order. If you select purchase order, an email with PO details will go to your inbox. Please check your spam folder.

Can I Share Sign-In Info?

No. Your sign-in info should not be shared. However, we are currently offering the Study Series as “Pay What You Are Able,” so others can easily register themselves or for complex or group registrations, please contact us via this “Study Series Registration Request” form.

When your district returns to safe, in-person professional learning, you are permitted to display for an in-person group any session for which you are registered. When safe to do so, this could be sitting around a computer with colleagues or displaying a sesison via a projector up on a screen.